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[Drabbles...again.] We Were Once Perfect Me and You -part 2- - [A N G E A L] x [Z A C K] [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Angeal x Zack

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[Drabbles...again.] We Were Once Perfect Me and You -part 2- [Dec. 14th, 2010|07:56 pm]
Angeal x Zack


Well. This is my second claim on scrawl_calibur . And yes. I did pick my lovely SOLDIER boys again. haha. I promise new material will happen... just once I type it up. xD
collection; We Were Once Perfect Me and You
rating: PG to NC-17
pairing; Angeal x Zack
prompts; Smoke, Fragile, Footsteps, Hair, Power, Birthday, Promise, Find, Next, Realize, Call, Gone, Sweat, Moon.

Movie Madness (T) (Prompt; Smoke) -Quotes from Austin Powers. xD
It was too nice of an evening. What little housework was done, dinner had ended and Zack was in the living room, watching some ridiculous movie.

Angeal was busying himself with the dishes which he had originally asked Zack to do. Of course, those puppy eyes... was why Angeal was doing the dishes.

He smiled very time he heard the boy laugh as he continued his boring task.

After awhile, it was quiet. Angeal wondered in the back of his mind if Zack had gone to bed. He thought he'd check after he was done.
"Zack?" He called out and turned when he heard footsteps. "Ah. There you are."
"Hey Angeal!" He was bouncing. "Hey guess what Angeal?"
"The future better get ready for me. 'Cause I'm Foxxy Cleopatra, and I'm a WHOLE LOTTA WOMAN."

... well that was weird.
"Zack, last time I checked, you were a man."
He giggled. "Sorry Angeal. I just love that line."

Once both were dressed for bed, Angeal was surprised when Zack kissed him suddenly. He wrapped his arms around his waist, not objecting to the attention his mouth was getting.
"You have the right to remain sexy sugar." He whispered suddenly, which made Angeal laugh. He knew it was from the movie earlier.
Though, I do hope there's a search involved.
"Bed Zack."
"Ah... okay." He whined as they both climbed into the mattress, shutting off the lights.

"Would you like a shmoke und a pancake?"
"A what?" He sat up. What the hell was he talking about?
"A shmoke und a pancake. You know, a flapjack und a shigarette? No? Shigar und a waffle? No? Pipe und a crepe? No? Bong und a blintz? No? Well, then there ish no pleashing you."
"Zack... I don't want a smoke."
"No, Angeal! A shmoke."
"Go to bed, Zack."

I Still Got You
(T) (Prompt; Fragile)

He cupped the back of my head softly as he guided my mouth to his. He was calm about this whilst I was shaking, so excited... I wanted this for a long time.
It was quite sloppy at first, I was so afraid he was going to push me away and I clung to him not wanting to let go.
"Calm yourself." He chuckled and stroked my hair. "I'm not going anywhere, pup."
Licking my lips, I nodded and leaned over as I slowly tilted my head as he pressed against once more. I grabbed onto his shoulders, wanting to know this was real. That this wasn't a dream. I knew I was making noises but I didn't care. All that mattered where those lips on mine.
He had always treated me as if I were fragile. And in a way, I was. I could slip into him so easily. I wasn't sick of him yet. I needed him. Wanted him. Right here. With me. Always.

You Know
(PG-13) (Prompt; Footsteps)
Cloud always wondered why Zack avoided the topic of his mentor. He would smile sadly at the blonde and ruffle his hair saying stuff like; "Another day, Spiky."
When was "another day"? What about between those two that mad his eyes sad. Why was it was when Cloud heard Zack praying for this Angeal to come back, he always cried afterward?

Was he clinging to the hope that he would return? That if he did return, everything would be okay?
Zack kept saying that he was walking Angeal's footsteps. Cloud didn't understand what this meant at all, and most of the times brushed it off.
How was he following his footsteps?

It was only when he was walking with the Buster Sword in hand did he realize Zack had been following Angeal's footsteps. The footsteps of a true hero.

Just Another Part Of You I Love
(PG-13) (Prompt; Hair)

Angeal must of a hair fetish. He was always touching, ruffling, and pulling Zack's hair. Not that Zack minded much, it was just weird.
His mentor once said he was surprised it was so silky. It sounded awful cheesy coming from him but Zack smiled. It was sweet and kissed him softly; happy to feel one arm around his waist, the other grabbing a handful of black hair.
"Just another part of you that I love."'

Not Ever Gonna Love Another
(NC-17) (Prompt; Power)
It was just insane how much power he had over the boy's cries. One kiss drew a deep moan while a pinch brought a yelp. Angeal stared down at his offering, a smirk forming on his face.
"S-something." Zack whined. "Please."
The man nodded and let his fingers touch his soft skin, he kissed him once more to hear that sound. Zack circled his arms around his neck, pulling him down towards him. "Don't..."
"I'm not leaving." He nimbled on the shell of his ear. "Not now."
"Not ever."
Angeal smiled and let his head rest in the crook of his neck. "Yes. Not ever." He bit down suddenly, grabbing Zack's neglected organ in the same instance. He jerked suddenly and Zack gasped, moving his head to let Angeal have more room.
He released his teeth from his neck, and licked the bruise that show up later. He wasn't usually this rough with his student but Zack lived for moments like this. When Angeal let go of his control just a little bit to be able to rough him up a bit.
"You don't know what you do to me."
"I know what you should do to me, in like... five seconds." Zack snapped back, panting.
Angeal smiled and jerked him again, loving the noise that came after. "As you wish."

The Best Birthday Ever
(M) (Prompt; Birthday)
Angeal wasn't the type to celebrate birthdays. As he got older, he didn't want to be reminded that he was getting older.
However, that did not sit well with Zack. Oh no. Not at all.
Which was why Angeal was sitting with a cake in front of him, being told that if he blew out the candles he would get his present.
"It better be good..." He mumbled to himself as he turned to glare at his lover... only to see a very naked and highly aroused Zack instead.

... The candles were blown so hard that, once out, flew off the cake as he chased his younger lover into the bedroom, playfully.

Broken Promises Of Wild Fantasies
(T) (Prompt; Promise)

Tell me that you're going to save me!

Angeal frowned in his sleep. In his dream, Zack haunted his mind, crying and begging me not to go, to stay, to love him, to raise a family with him...

That everything is gonna be okay.

He closed his eyes tighter, wishing he could block out the image of his student's beautiful face, eyes swollen red and voice hoarse. Call him a coward, and in fact he probably was one. However he couldn't take it. He needed Zack to be with someone his own age. Someone... who wasn't a monster.

"You promised me... that you wouldn't leave. Was that a lie?"
No, no, no, no! He woke and shook his head. Restless and on the verge of cracking he decided the best way for Zack to forget him was to leave ShinRa.
'So much for promises, huh?' he told himself bitterly.

Oh What Fun
(PG) (Prompt; Find)

"It took me a while but I found it at last!" Zack smiled from the floor in between Angeal's legs.
"What did you find?" He asked, putting his book aside, pulling his student in his arms.
Zack giggled. "Ooohhh..you know... some pictures." He stood up and starting walking backwards, slowly.
"What pictures?"
"Oh... just... your baby pictures!" He laughed and darted off. Angeal wasn't but a few seconds away from him.

Live For The Quiet
(PG) (Prompt; Next)
It was never what to do now, it was what's next. Zack was all for the speed. The fast. The rough and rush of blood.
However, Angeal was the only one who could get him to sit quietly and just live in the now.

You Were Right
(T) (Prompt; Realize)
My first time.
It was... hard to explain. It was like... a rush of blood and a little pain. Expect all the pleasure. He made it worth it for me in the end like he promised.
Even now after we were both spent, he's holding me close telling what a good person I am and telling me how much he loves me. I can't believe I didn't realize this before!
I've never felt like this Grandma. It's like... well, it's amazing! You were right. I'd know when I was in love. I really think I am.. No. I know I am. I know you'd be proud of me. I don't know how Dad will take the news that I'm not gonna bring a
Thanks for listening again. I know heaven must be awesome.

"Who were you talking to?" Angeal asked, kissing the boy's cheek.
"Oh, no one special. Talking about how good you are though."

I Can't Resist The Day
(T) (Prompt; Call)

"One phone 's all I need."

It would happen to be Zack's luck that Angeal didn't answer. He hung up as machine beeped. He took a deep breath and dialed again. He had to do this. He promised he'd call.
This time, when it beeped, Zack spoke.
"Hey, Angeal. Zack here. Well, I got something to tell you." He was shaking. He was so nervous. "I miss you. So much. A-and I think... that well, you know. Me and you? We make a good team and all but... I like you as a friend but I-I think I like you as... something much, much more." He sighed. This was stupid.
Quit dodging the bush, Fair!
"Angeal. I love you. And I miss you. I wish that we could spend Christmas together instead of you on this stupid mission of yours. Call this a mistake, but that's how I feel." There. He said it. "Well, I'm gonna go I guess. Call me later?"
He hung up and went to take a shower. Hopefully to wash away his nervousness.

To his surprised when he got out he saw he had received a text. He picked up his phone and felt his eyes water. "Thank you."
I love you too. I'll be back in time for Christmas dinner. See you then, pup. Don't go anywhere.

(PG) (Prompt; Gone)
No matter what Zack did, he wasn't coming back. His mentor was gone. Dead.
However he looked to the blonde at his side and smiled sadly. He ruffled Cloud's hair while he gave an annoyed look.
He'd be with Angeal soon... after he was done protecting his chocobo.

Spring Is All In Bloom
(T) (Prompt; Sweat)
Swords clashed, sparks flew and sweat trailed down muscular arms like rivulets. Zack blushed, turning away for a moment.
Genesis and Angeal were training for fun and Zack was just watching. Well, he was supposed to be studying sword movements... but he was studying the way his mentor moved in those uniform pants.
Angeal was using pure raw strength. It was enough to make the boy's mouth water. He licked his lips and pretended to be playing with his shoe.
He stopped as a thought came to him. If watching Angeal sweat did this to him... what about showering?
The boy's face turned red and he sprinted out the door. Leaving Angeal and Genesis just confused.

White Houses
(P-13) (Prompt; Moon)
The moon was shining bright above the two as they made their way back to the tiny village. Patrol had run long as Angeal had expected. Though he didn't expect his student to pin him to a tree and kiss him senseless. Not that he didn't enough that...
"You know what?" Zack called out.
"We should get a white house. With a white picket fence."
He chuckled. "Any reason that came up?"
"Oh, nothing. Just the moon makes me think of possibilities.

[User Picture]From: marchwarden23
2010-12-15 10:16 pm (UTC)
Yay! More drabbles! That second to the last one was pure win. =D
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[User Picture]From: clear_memory
2010-12-16 12:26 am (UTC)
Though I will admit having to put one out everyday has left my poor muse exhausted. xD Good thing he has quick recovery time. haha.
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